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ComeClose: The solution to painful sex

Why does sex hurt?

If you're healthy, and sexually aroused, then sex shouldn't hurt. But there are several reasons why it sometimes does, and one of the more common — collision dyspareunia — has never previously had any effective remedy. Now, at last, there's an easy, safe and reliable solution read more

What is collision dyspareunia?

Collision dyspareunia ("dis-pa-roon-ya") is the pain you may feel if the tip of your partner's penis hits your cervix. This can happen if your partner is longer than average, or if you're not fully aroused, or if your cervix is unusually positioned. It's what happens when he's just too big for you. The result can be anything from mild discomfort to an intense pain that can put you off having sex altogether read more

What causes it?

There are many reasons why you might suffer the pain of collision dyspareunia. Your partner's penis might be too long for you. You may have a medical condition such as endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. You might not be fully aroused, perhaps because your hormone levels have changed or because you have a condition such as diabetes. Whatever the reason, rest assured: you're not alone. Collision dyspareunia is much more widespread than previously thought. Find out more and check your symptoms on the free fact sheet

What can I do about it?

Many women find dealing with sex-related issues embarrassing, and they continue to suffer in silence. But the cost of doing nothing can be high — in terms of your health, the quality of your life and, above of all, the success of your relationship. The new ComeClose protector ring is a simple, easy and very safe solution to your problem read more

Sex during pregnancy

In normal circumstances, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and will not harm the baby. However, knowing the facts doesn't prevent the worry that is often experienced by pregnant women. And worry can affect arousal, which can lead to discomfort and reduced intimacy between you and your partner. The ComeClose protector ring can create a little extra headspace for you and a little extra physical space for your baby read more

Help & support

Collision dyspareunia is only one of the causes of painful sex. If you think you might be suffering from something different, there are a number of excellent on-line resources that can provide further information about your medical symptoms and/or offer you the chance to chat to others in a similar situation. As many as 40% of women, from all walks of life, experience painful sex at some time during their lives. Ideally, talk to your partner about it and consider using a specialist product read more


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