— Samantha —

We’d never used sex toys…

It sounds a bit pathetic, but we'd never used 'sex toys' before and so it was a bit embarrassing. But we got over it and so I would say to anyone 'just go for it'. ComeClose is fantastic! It really works and you can totally trust it. It's such a nice feel. Thank you. I love my man even more now!

— Alex —

I'm so happy with the ring, it's helped us feel closer...

The new ring is great, we both prefer the new material, colour and feel of it. It has really helped our sex lives. My wife can relax more now knowing that I'm not going to hurt her so we both can enjoy sex more. What we have found is that we have been able have sex without it and go a lot deeper than before, slow deep penetration is now possible whereas it wasn't before using the ring. So I can probably see a time when the ring will have helped us to a stage where we might not need it. Having said that, the ring isn't uncomfortable and it doesn't get in the way (even when using clitoral stimulators which is handy) so continued use wouldn't be an issue. The ring doesn't hinder my ejaculation either which is a bonus.

Overall I'm so happy with the ring, it's helped us feel closer also as the frustrations that we have both felt due to the pain caused during sex has been removed. We are having sex a lot more often (practically every day when I'm not working evenings) since we've had the ring which is obviously fantastic after ten years together and having a two year old!

For me personally it's been a massive relief as, although I'm not of gargantuan size, having an above average sized penis isn't all it's cracked up to be and I spent a long time worrying that because of it I wasn't able to satisfy my wife sexually because of the pain I would cause her. Now I don't have to worry about that which is great. It took me a long time of searching to find this product and I'm so glad I found it, I'm sure there's a lot more people having the same problem.

— Peter —

I didn't have to be careful about depth or angle...

I tried ComeClose with my girlfriend and I found it liberating. I didn't have to be careful about depth or angle and she didn't have to worry about 'guiding' me. We could both just relax and let ourselves go. I think it gave me a bit more sensitivity and we both felt more connected after using it.

— Nicola & Graham —

I cried with joy following using ComeClose for the first time...

My husband and I were contacted following a workshop at the Endometriosis UK Open Day about "How to manage painful sex" by ComeClose. Having been recently diagnosed with endo we willingly entered the trial for ComeClose and were very pleased to receive the ComeClose product a short time later.

Sadly, painful love making was for me just a normal part of our relationship, in fact as I was a virgin prior to meeting my husband I did not even realise that the pain I experienced was not a "normal" part of sex which all women experienced. I found it very hard to talk to anyone about it even my husband who I trust implicitly.

I cried with joy following using the ComeClose for the first time, I did not realise that making love could be pain free. We now use the ComeClose during the more painful times of my cycle or if the pain is at its worse, it means that we can make love without pain and with pleasure. I have already recommended the ComeClose to fellow endo sufferers and will continue to do so.

— Graham —

I saw it make a real difference to the pleasure and joy experienced by my wife...

From a male point of view....The ComeClose product felt strange at first, but this feeling was soon overcome when I saw it make a real difference to the pleasure and joy, experienced by my wife, with little difference to my experience of having sex. If anything it improved our love making because firstly we could make love, and secondly I could relax knowing I was not causing or adding to her pain. I would highly recommend ComeClose to anyone affected by endometriosis.

— Richard —

Thanks for making a great product...

At first, the product looks big and a bit heavy. But in use it is very comfortable and doesn’t bother us. The size is perfect and it does not give any additional pressure on the penis, which makes it very comfortable to use. In the beginning we could feel that the product was there because of the temperature, but once it was body temperature, it completely disappeared and we almost forgot it was there.

We got the ComeClose because my wife suffered, and still does, from Endometriosis. She had surgery about 2 years ago, but some Endometriosis focuses are still there and can cause a very consistent pain during and after sexual relations, which was putting both of us off at times. The ComeClose pleasure ring allowed us to have sexual relations as if the Endometriosis never happened.

The first time using it, we were very careful, measuring around and looking for any signs that pain was coming, but it didn’t. We were extremely happy with the product because there was no discomfort. We were even happier the following morning because there was still no pain, so we decided to put it to the test again. But this time we were both relaxed and into it because there was no pain involved anymore and no need for extra worries. Two days later, still no pain. Thanks for making a great product.

— Natalie —

My husband does not feel that he is going to hurt the babies...

From a pregnancy perspective I know that the fact that ComeClose creates a bit more distance from the cervix has helped both of us enjoy sex more as my husband does not feel that he is going to hurt the babies, which while we know this should not be possible, helps him to relax while making love.

— Michelle —

That was the first time I realised size could be a problem…

A few years ago there was this guy I was really keen on - we had a lot in common and he was funny, attractive and sooo sexy. Well after a couple of dates things got a bit more physical and I couldn't wait for the third date! That was the first time I realised size could be a problem. It hurt so much even though he really turned me on. If ComeClose had been available then, I'd have gladly paid a month's salary for it! But it wasn't and I didn't feel comfortable talking about the 'problem', so I just made excuses not to see him again. Now he's married. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for inventing ComeClose. I found your web site by chance so I bought myself a ComeClose - and if it ever happens again, I'll be prepared.

— Eleanor —

It was bliss. I cried...

I've been married for over 12 years and am very happy but... I think it probably started after our second child that sex got to be a bit of a chore. It used to be great, relaxed, fun and orgasmic. Then I suppose with tiredness and having one eye and ear open listening for babies crying I was never really ‘there’, and as my mind wasn’t there, my body wasn’t either — and that's when I noticed my husband would often hurt me when he was thrusting inside. It isn't deliberate, he's very caring, but unless he's very controlled he hits my cervix and boy does that hurt. He'd ask me if I was alright and I'd say 'yes I was fine' because I wanted him to come and finish quickly, but I never relax because I’m expecting the next 'hit'.

Everyone just says lubricate — but that’s not the real problem — it's relaxing. A friend I confided in recommended I try ComeClose. My husband was understanding because he knew he often hit my cervix and was very happy to try it. He said sex still felt good — in fact he liked the feel of the ComeClose gripping him (so that was a bonus!) and he could get passionate without worrying about hurting me. I (for the first time since the babies were born) was totally relaxed, knowing that it was impossible for him to hurt me, however passionate and fast and furious it got. It was bliss. I cried, I feel like I have my husband and my body back. I really never expected to enjoy sex again.

— Chloe —

It worked, no pain and a lot of fun!

We tried the ComeClose ring because sometimes during sex, my partner hits a particular spot at the back of my vagina and it is quite painful. The ring fitted snugly around his base and didn’t move during sex, cushioning me really well and we certainly put it through the testing mill! I was really happy — it worked, no pain and a lot of fun! We tried various positions and the ring worked well in all of them. He said the snugness felt good around him, perhaps working a little bit like a cock ring to increase erection quality and intensity of pleasure. The soft-yet-firm material was just right, and provided a nice stimulation to my clit which was an added bonus! The ComeClose ring has removed any worry or apprehension of the pain that might happen, which really allows both of us to let go. We will definitely be using it again. It’s a wonderful invention and we’re both really happy to have found it. 

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