A unique pleasure ring, worn at the base of the penis to prevent deep penetration pain. More freedom, more fun — for both of you.

Sexpert Help

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Sexpert Help

“I believe this product can help women who suffer from collision dyspareunia.”


Associate Specialist in Psychosexual Medicine
Kings College Hospital, London

The ComeClose Pleasure Ring (now with a VIBE option) is the first ever product specially designed to prevent the pain of Collision Dyspareunia. For more information on sexual arousal, painful sex, penis size and collision dyspareunia, download our fact sheet approved by Dr Penny Mostyn.

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As recommended in ‘Sex Counsel’ by Suzi Godson,
sex and relationships expert for The Times Newspaper.


Dear Deidre


The ComeClose Pleasure Ring features as a solution in the leaflets Too Large and Painful Sex by The Sun Newspaper’s own Agony Aunt Dear Deidre. You can email Dear Deidre direct (button below will open your email) to request these useful leaflets and to ask for advice relating to your sexual health and relationships.

Helpful Organisations

When looking for additional help, your doctor should usually be the first port of call. But if you don't feel comfortable talking to your doctor about sex, then you can go to a Family Planning Clinic or a Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinic.

Many UK organisations are dedicated to sharing information and advice about your sex life. Here are some useful ones:

fpa.org.uk (link is external)
Lots of info and links all about sexual health

relate.org.uk (link is external)
Relate (helps couples to resolve relationship and sexual difficulties)

familydoctor.org (link is external)

Family Doctor (provides very clear descriptions of many medical conditions and has an on-line diagnosis facility)

netdoctor.co.uk (link is external)

Net Doctor (an excellent facility with lots of good advice about painful sex and sex during pregnancy)

endometriosis.org (link is external)

A site specifically for endometriosis sufferers (offering advice and support)

vaginismus.com (link is external)

A site specially for sufferers of Vaginismus, but we recommend the section what can men do to help. It applies to sufferers of collision dyspareunia, just as much as to suffers of vaginismus.


Kings College Hospital (link is external)

A short video with details on how to measure penis size correctly.

ComeClose Pleasure Ring with vibe option