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ComeClose: The solution to painful sex

ComeClose Protector Ring


The ComeClose protector ring is available in 3 different width fittings, based on scientific data. Please measure carefully and contact us if you are unsure. Ideally, the fit should be snug but not too tight. These are erect measurements. It comes in one colour - soft vanilla.

  • Standard girth accommodates the average man, i.e.11.7cm, plus a little extra, up to 12.7cm (plus stretch)
  • Extra girth is larger than standard and fits up to 14.2cm (plus stretch)
  • Maxi girth is larger than extra girth and fits up to 15.8cm (plus stretch)

For details on how to measure yourself take a look at this video


...brings you a whole lot closer together by keeping you a little further apart.