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ComeClose: The solution to painful sex

What is it?

ComeClose is a protector ring worn outside the body that limits the depth of penetration during sex. It is safe, comfortable, reliable and easy to use. Although the patented design looks quite simple, its secret is two-fold: expertly designed proportions and the ideal material. For a full product specification and symptom checklist, see the free fact sheet.

How do I use it?

ComeClose slips over your partner's erect penis and fits snugly at the base of the shaft. It has been carefully designed to the exact proportions that will prevent the tip of your partner's penis hitting your cervix and surrounding tissue during penetration.

Why does it work?

ComeClose acts as a cushioned ‘spacer’ between you and your partner. It is one inch thick and is worn at the base of the shaft, against your partner’s body. Although it feels to you both as if the entire penis is inside your body, the inch closest to his body is inside the ring, not inside you. This means that the tip is one inch further away from your cervix and will not hit you.

How does it feel?

For him: the centre of the ring grips the shaft of the penis, providing extra pleasure.

For you: the flat surface of the ring feels smooth and comfortable against your body, providing cushioned comfort on the outside whilst preventing the tip of the penis from hitting you inside.

How much does it cost?

The long-lasting, life-changing ComeClose protector ring costs just £45 plus shipping. That's less than a night out.
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...brings you a whole lot closer together by keeping you a little further apart.