About ComeClose

A message from the inventor

Melissa, inventor & founder of ComeClose

— Melissa —

Inventor & Founder of ComeClose

The ComeClose Pleasure Ring is the first product specifically designed to limit the depth of penetration, and prevent painful sex deep in the body. (OK, that sounds like blatant advertising, but this is, after all, written by the inventor, who is passionate about sharing this product with you!).


The ring made its first public appearance about a decade ago at St Mary's Paddington, to a somewhat bemused 'Special Interest' group (of psycho-sexual experts) hosted by Dr David Goldmeier. In those days it was a bulky, tomato-red ring that wouldn't have looked amiss in a city park, being thrown for an enthusiastic canine friend.  It came in different girth widths to accommodate different sized wearers. Nowadays, it's a svelte, stretchy, one size, teardrop-shaped ring in soft white. And it includes an optional-use vibrating bullet, making it a little more playful.

Taboos are still there

The subject of sex, and, specifically painful sex, is gradually becoming less taboo. But painful sex still caries a degree of stigma, and I believe there's still a long way to go before it completely shrugs off all trace of shame and secrecy. I hope that the very presence of the ComeClose Pleasure Ring acts as an invitation to all of us to bring the topic of painful sex out into the open.

How the ComeClose Pleasure Ring came to be

The story of ComeClose began when I was in my early 40s, newly single and enjoying the sexual freedom that went with it. It was all a lot of fun until I had my first and, luckily for me, my only experience of painful sex. The pain was shocking. I felt as though I was literally jolted out of my body.  I had no idea that such a thing was possible, and so I set about trying to understand what on earth had happened to me!

First stop was a close friend. Yes, she knew from personal experience what I was talking about. And then a wider circle of friends. Yes, to a woman, they, or friends of theirs, had experienced degrees of pain, often whilst in long term relationships. I found it hard to believe what I was hearing. It seemed that women everywhere were suffering in silence. And, back in the early 2000s, there was nothing about it 'out there'.

My first degree, long before I ever studied  psychology, neuroscience and psychophysiology, was mixed media design. So, returning to those roots, I set about designing  a very simple solution to what I now know was Collision Dyspareunia. Bringing it to the market has been a long haul (I'm not a natural business woman!) The one thing that kept me going with it, whilst continuing my day job in psychology, was the memory of that pain, and the wish that other women should be free from suffering. Every time I got good feedback, it spurred me on.

Over a decade of perfecting the design

Over the years the design has been refined into a product I'm now proud to offer to couples the world over. It has been a great privilege to bring this product into being, and truly heartwarming to hear about the lives it has touched.

Thank You

— Melissa —